Asset Allocation

One of the important roles we may play in your financial journey is helping to select an appropriate mix of asset classes. 
By properly assessing your investment preferences and your tolerance for risk, we invest across multiple asset classes. In doing so, we aim to combat varying cycles of performance and provide you with a more stable and balanced investment return. Each individual strategy is built upon getting to know you as a client and with careful consideration of the key elements within your financial profile:

Your Investment Objective 
What is it you would like to achieve from your investment? Whether it is to live a more comfortable lifestyle, target a specific goal or achieve capital growth, we can set your strategy in place. 

Your Risk Tolerance
While your investment objective is key, it is also just as important to assess your level of comfort with risk - such as market risk, inflation risk and interest risk.   

Your Investment Preferences
After providing the appropriate information, it may be that you may lean towards a certain asset class. We help you by making this an informed decision for your strategy moving forward.

Your Time Horizon
By understanding the length of time needed to achieve your objectives, we can provide a suitable allocation to match the agreed upon timeframe.

Varying tax consequences may occur depending upon the mix of asset classes. We will guide you through the options and work with your tax professional to put in place the appropriate options. 

Periodic Review
With changes in the financial markets, it is important that your asset allocation strategy is reviewed from time to time. During these periods of review, it may be necessary to make adjustments to keep your portfolio balanced and in line with your preferences, priorities, stage of life and risk tolerance.

Asset allocation, which is driven by complex mathematical models, should not be confused with the much simpler concept of diversification.